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ortoPilot is no newcomer to the music scene. With three albums of original songs and eighteen cover versions available for download, the man behind ortoPilot, Matt Hutchison, is one passionate and dedicated musician.

At a young age, Matt demonstrated his love for music; when most four year olds were climbing trees or riding bikes, he was already aspiring to become a great musician. Rarely seen without some sort of musical instrument in hand, the passion for creating music naturally developed and infiltrated every aspect of Matt’s life.

It was during his time in college that Matt began experimenting with writing and recording original songs and after a few years, emerged with his first album release ‘Come into My World’. The electronic based grooves of this album gave Matt the feeling that the music was taking control and ‘ortoPilot’ was born. No stranger to the limelight, ortoPilot’s impressive credits include his first gig being broadcast on Revolution FM as well as sharing the bill will the likes of Ed Sheeran and Paloma Faith. He has also played numerous events for Google over the past couple of years and was lucky enough to be part of the opening of the Soho Google office, the Cannes Advertising Festival and the Olympics party whilst also being selected to play Youtube’s official launches in inland, Norway and Denmark.

Like many aspiring artists, Matt discovered YouTube as a means of getting his music out to the masses. With over 135,000 subscribers and more than 37 million hits on his videos, there is a fan base excited to see what ortoPilot will produce next. With a total of nearly 300 videos, he is definitely an artist that likes to make sure his fans don’t get bored. Original songs, cover versions and collaborations with some fantastic artists such as Ebony Day, Cherry Lee, and Michael Collings, give a real variety to ortoPilot’s repertoire.

His YouTube channel is a fantastic place to see the evolution of ortoPilot. With posts starting as grainy, yet charming bedroom videos, posted as a bit of fun and developing into the bona fide music video quality that he is currently producing. ortoPilot has recorded, produced and funded everything himself, demonstrating his commitment to the music world and his own development.